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  • Topological Data Analysis

    October 23, 2014


    We have a talk coming up this Thursday at 5 PM in Boyd 304! Noah Giansiracusa, a postdoc in the UGA Math Department, will be giving a talk on “Topological Data Analysis and Natural Image Processing.” It’s a teaser for an undergraduate research class he’ll be teaching spring semester! Here’s his description:

    “I’ll give a quick rundown of the basics of Topological Data Analysis (TDA), a recent approach to studying and visualizing the structure in large data sets based on topology (homology in particular) rather than statistics. After quickly summarizing the basics (no topology background needed) the main example I’ll focus on is natural image statistics, in which we look at 3×3 grids of pixels taken from real photographs and study the structure and distribution of these. This is a preview of an IVRG I’ll run this spring semester, where we’ll learn more about TDA, install its software packages in MATLAB, and try our own original analysis of various data-sets, starting with fingerprints (you know, the things the FBI loves and wants to be able to analyze better/quickly!).”


  • HSMT Volunteer Signup

    October 14, 2014

    Want to volunteer for the High School Math Tournament?



  • Welcome!

    August 24, 2014

    Welcome to the website of the UGA Math Club! We’re a thriving and active campus club designed for undergrads interested in math. (And if you think you aren’t one of them, we’d be happy to prove you wrong!)

    Every year, Math Club hosts fun social events like Game Night, along with a plethora of talks on cool math topics such as (from last year) hyperbolic geometry, Cantor’s theory of infinity, Ramsey Theory, engineering applications, and more. These talks are aimed at undergraduate students like you, and are made as accessible as possible. We also host an annual High School Math Tournament for hundreds of high schoolers around the southeast, and we always need more volunteers.

    To find out more about us, visit our About Us page and then come to a meeting! We look forward to meeting you.

    (Oh! –to join Math Club and get reminders about our upcoming events through our listserv, just email!)

    Daniel, Kaj, Rahul, & Sharon
    2014-2015 Math Club Exec Officers

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